Channel Catfish

15” minimum


Largemouth & Smallmouth Bass

18” minimum



18” minimum



18” minimum


All Sunfish (Bluegill, Georgia Giants, Redear Sunfish)

8” minimum


Any fish of the restricted size class shall be returned immediately, unrestrained, to the waters from which they were taken. The size of a fish shall be determined as the total length, in inches, measured from the tip of its tail, with the mouth closed and the tail lobes pressed together. No person shall give fish to another person to avoid exceeding the daily creel limits.

The Governing Body, in consultation with appropriate, qualified fish biologists or State game agencies, may establish additional restrictions on the taking of fish. Such restrictions may include the hours at which fish may be taken from one or more lakes; classification by species and limitation of retention and possession of species by length, weight, or both, and the establishment of daily (midnight to midnight) creel limits. Such resolution may, from time to time, be adopted, and when published once in the official newspaper of the City, shall have the same effect as if set out word for word in this section.

(Ord. 248; Code 2016)

All rules and regulations of the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks regulating the taking of fish shall be in full force and effect and shall apply unless made more restrictive by operation of this section, in which case this section shall apply.

Further, it shall be unlawful and punishable as a violation of this section for any person:

(a)   To use a bow to obtain fish.

(b)   To use, operate, install or to possess with the intent to use, operate, or install any trot line, set line, float, bank or limb line on any City Lake.

(c)   To fish in any City Lake at a time when such fishing is prohibited by resolution of the Governing Body, or to fish in violation of any restrictions established by such a resolution for such lake, or for taking any species of fish from such Lake not permitted by this section.

(d)   To have, retain or possess fish of the size or in a quantity prohibited by this section.

(e)   To in any way tamper or alter the fish feeders.

(Ord. 248; Code 2016)

No boats with gasoline-powered motors shall be allowed on Overbrook City Lake. Boats with electric-powered trolling motors only will be allowed. All boating on Overbrook City Lake shall be subject to the laws of Kansas, the rules and regulations of the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks of the State of Kansas, and the ordinances of the City of Overbrook.

All regulations adopted by the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks and all laws of Kansas governing boat operations shall at all times be adhered to on City Lakes and the violation thereof shall constitute a violation of this subsection the same as if each regulation was set out word for word, and the prosecution for such violation may be brought in the Municipal Court of the City of Overbrook.

(Ord. 248; Code 2016)

The recreational uses of the City Lakes shall be limited to those authorized by this article and there shall be NO hunting, camping, open fires, sail boating, wind surfing, water skiing, swimming, wading, ice skating, ice fishing, or any entry onto the ice on Overbrook City Lake. These activities are strictly forbidden, and the commission of any of the above acts shall be considered as a violation of this article. In addition, no motorized vehicles shall be permitted beyond designated parking areas.

No alcohol of any kind shall be consumed on city property, be it land or water.

(Ord. 248; Code 2016)

Overbrook City Lake will be open for fishing and permitted boating activities from 5:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. daily.

(Ord. 248; Ord. 279; Code 2016)

Any violation of the terms of this article shall result in the issuance of a citation and upon conviction a fine, not less than $60.00 plus court costs and not to exceed $500.00 plus court costs, as determined by the Overbrook Municipal Court. Furthermore, any unlawful device used in or as an aid facilitating the violation of any of the provisions of this article shall be and is hereby declared to be contraband, and may be seized and confiscated and may, upon the order of the Municipal Court Judge, be destroyed. On conviction, the license shall be confiscated, and that person shall not be permitted to obtain a license until one full year elapses.

(Ord. 248; Code 2016)

Rules and regulations governing fishing and limitations for the recreational use of the Children’s Fishing Pond for the City of Overbrook, Kansas.

(a)   Fishing is for ages 16 and under only.

(b)   No City Permit is required.

(c)   The Children’s Fishing Pond is open from sunup to sundown

(d)   Daily limits per youth:

(1)   2 Catfish 15 inch minimum

(2)   1 Wiper 18 inch minimum

(3)   5 Bluegills (includes Crappie)

(4)   1 Bass 18 inch minimum

(Ord. 333; Code 2016)